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Danielle Stratton continues to race Legend cars (US Legend Cars International) at Florida tracks in 2012. Danielle Stratton's goal is to one day compete at the top level of motorsports.

Thank you for your interest in Danielle Stratton's racing career. At Danielle Stratton Racing (DSR), we strongly believe in Danielle's abilities as a driver, spokesperson and most importantly, a role model for all young women. Her great smile and positive personality instantly shifts into competitive gear as soon as she suites up; benefiting any sponsor's activities, as she is fully committed to providing her sponsors all of the time and resources necessary for a successful relationship. With your support, Danielle can continue developing her driving skills while being an inspiration to young women.

Key Message:

Danielle Stratton wants to show people all over the world, young and old, that it is possible to achieve your goals and aspirations even if at the moment they seem out of reach. Danielle Stratton is an inspiration and a role model for young women. The DSR campaign will reflect a young woman with values that generates positive energy for the Motorsport Industry and the Community that surrounds her.


Danielle Stratton's first objective is to be part of a National Racing team as a Developmental Driver.

About Danielle Stratton:

Height: 5'4"
Birth date: June 8, 1993
Hometown: Tavares, Fl
Education: Tavares High School graduate, currently attending Lake Sumter Community College
Interests: Race Car Driving and Modeling

Danielle has had the passion to race since she was a child but did not get the opportunity until 2008, when she started racing a Bandolero race car (US Legend Cars International), just shy of her 15th birthday. 2008 was all about seat-time and trying to gain as much experience as possible. In 2009 Danielle was ready to be competitive and that she was; winning 10 races, becoming the Legends Cars of Florida "Bandolero Young Gun" touring series champion, and placing second in track points for the year at Auburndale Speedway. She is now racing a legends car (US Legend Cars International) and repeating the same steps she took in her Bandolero race car, seat-time and trying to gain as much experience as possible. Danielle's dream is to one day race as a professional and is determined not to give up until she reaches her goal.


2008 Rookie Year- Bandolero Young Guns Division
Raced at Orlando Speed World
*Starts- 8
*2 top 5's
*3 top 10's

2009 - Bandolero Young Guns Division
Raced at Orlando Speed World, Citrus County Speedway, Desoto Super Speedway, Auburndale Speedway
* 20 top 5 finishes
*10 Feature Wins which included the 2009 Charity Truckers Race at Orlando Speed World
*Finished 2nd in Track Points at Auburndale Speedway
*2009 Bandolero Champion - Legends Cars of Florida Touring Series
*Ranked 30th in the Nation

2010 Rookie Year - Legend Cars - Semi-Pro
Raced at Orlando Speed World, Auburndale Speedway, Citrus County Speedway
*5 top 5's
*11 top 10's
*Finished 5th in Track Points at Citrus County Speedway
*Finished 10th in the State of Florida - Z-Max Points
*Ranked 22nd in the Nation

2011- Legend Cars - Semi-Pro
Raced at Auburndale Speedway, Desoto Super Speedway and Punta Gorda Speedway
*3 top 5's
*5 top 10's

2012- Legend Cars-Semi Pro
Raced at Auburndale Speedway, Orlando Speed World
*Starts- 13
*4 top 5's
*7 top 10's

Other Accomplishments:
Featured in the Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
Featured on the Lake Sports Radio Talk Show
2012 Cover Girl for the Lake Magazine
Black's Automotive Apparel Model

Website & Social Media: